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Kawabunga Hybrid 3-Prong Spear


Kawabunga graphite/aluminum 3-prong hybrid 1pc spear.

50% graphite, 50% aluminum. Lighter and faster than a full conventional aluminum spear. It's prongs are 13 inches long over the standard 11 inches and is hard for a fish to wiggle off. The prongs are fixed with a cement glue and pin to hold it into place and not a removable screw on head. This spear hits hard.

Graphite: 3/8" Thick

Aluminum: 1/2" Thick

Prong length: 13"


Product Weight:

  • 6ft - 0.91 lb
  • 7ft - 1.00 lb
  • 8ft - 1.11 lb

Replacement Kawabunga 3-Prong heads are available for sale...