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HSD Subscription (US)


Hawaii Skin Diver Magazine Subscription

This is a quarterly magazine (4 issues per year), one issue every three months. The 1 year subscription will have 4 issues, while the 2 year has 8 issues total.

  • 1 Year Subscription = $26.00
  • 2 Year Subscription = $48.00

The first issue that a person would receive is the current issue at the time of purchase; unless a comment is made to have the next issue as the start of the subscription.

* Shipping is already included with the subscription price.

* Please note this subscription is for USA or US Territories.

Shipping is included with this Subscription, but please order this item alone (no other products) as an individual order; because the shipping calculator will fail if other items are in the same shopping cart and will not let you check-out.