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HSD Magazine #75


HSD Magazine Issue #75

Release Date: 01/29/2019

On the cover: Mr. Tadi


  • We are all seekers: Words by - Travis Maguire + Eric Klemowicz | Photos by - Travis Maguire
  • The shape of water: Photos by - Perrin James Franta, Tyler Schiffman, Caine Delacy, Christa Funk, Musashi Flores, Kurt Chambers, Nolan Omura, D.J. Struntz, Nikki Watt, John Kowitz, Mike Hong, Kasumi Shishido, & Alex Voyer.
  • L'atoll Magique: Words by - Scott Saville | Photos by - Christa Funk
  • PANAMA Here and back again: Words + Photos by - Anthony Dooley
  • Hey soul sister: Words by - Valentine Thomas | Photos by - Frederique Thomas
  • Tene Riffe Canary Islands: Words + Photos by - Errol Putigna