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HSD Magazine #64


HSD Magazine Issue #64

Date Released: April 5, 2016

El NiƱo made us do it. The west coast heavy HSD64 features stories and photos from a bunch of Cali natives: Kei Yamamoto, Dan Silveira, Edmund Jin, Brandon Wahlers, DJ Struntz, Ryan Moore, Austin Derry, Cory Fujita, Dam Nguyen, Chis Okamoto, Greg Edmonson. This issue also features articles from John Dornellas and Niko Bolduc. Congrats to Ryan Moore on bagging the cover shot of Steel Shaw landing a nice YT (trust us, he's back there)

Cover Photo: Ryan Moore

Inside Contents
Hype/Beast: Words - Dan Silveira, Photos - Dan Silveira / Edmund Jin
Catalina: Words - Brandon Wahlers, Photos - DJ Struntz
YamaMoto: Kei Yamamoto | @sumogurinet
El Nino: Words + Photos By Ryan Moore / Austin Derry
So Ono: Words - Cory Fujita, Photos - Dam Nguyen & Cory Fujita
If You Teach A Man...: Words + Photos By John Dornellas