Ulua Record (3-Prong)

NAME: Peter Colombo
LOCATION: Kaanapali, Maui
DATE: 12/4/10
WEIGHT: 28.6
SPECIES: Ulua, Giant Trevally (White)
WEAPON: 9′ Homemade 3-Prong
FROM: Shore
STORY: I went out for a quick dive on Saturday morning.  I had just finished making a new 3 prong and wanted to give it a try.  I didn’t have a lot of time and figured I’d shoot a couple roi to see how it worked.  I started swimming out from the beach.  as I got beyond the surf towards the edge of the reef, the water started to clear.  I started to swim along the edge of the reef looking for roi.  I glanced to my right just in time to see an ulua swimming right at me!  he swam slowly underneath me heading down the reef.  I quickly turned and did a drop.  as I got to the bottom, the fish turned around started swimming back towards me.  he turned five feet in front of me and profiled.  I gave a small kick and took a shot.  the 3 prong hit the fish in the back of the gill plate angling slightly toward the tail of the fish.  the prongs fully penetrated as the fish began to fight.  I started for the surface holding on to the rubber.  but the fish was fighting too strong.  I didn’t want to risk him pulling off or worse, breaking the 3 prong.  I grabbed my float line off my weight belt and tagged off the spear.   I gently fought the fish for the next 15 minutes from the surface.  I swam along side of him holding on to the float line.  all the while trying to keep slack in the line between myself and the fish.  do to the angle of the shot, and the flex in the graphite, the 3 prong never came out.  after swimming along with the fish for 15 minutes, he began to fatigue and slowly came to a rest on the reef.  I dropped down and pushed down on the 3 prong. pinning the fish against the reef.  with my other hand, I grabbed the fish under the gills.  with a firm grip on the fish and my 3 prong, I knew he was mine.  upon getting the fish to the surface, I reached for my knife and brained the fish.  I sat there for a minute or two in awe.  this was my first white ulua!  the fish weighed in at 28.6 lbs. 6.81 lbs over the current record!

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